Monday, May 2, 2016

A quick first post

Can't just leave a newly created blog blank, so here is a quick first post.

Welcome everyone!

I have been the happy owner of a brand new GoSun Sport solar grill since my birthday three weeks ago.

The story of how it came my way is kind of amusing. A friend and I were reading a "Secret"-type book about your mind affecting the universe. On the Friday before my birthday we came to an exercise that said "think of something you want and tell the universe it has 48 hours to deliver it to you". I said "here goes nothing" and asked for a GoSun Sport. I really expected that nothing would happen. On Sunday, approximately 48 hours later, I had the GoSun Sport in my hot little hands because another group of friends had decided to chip in to get me one. Apparently I'd been nattering on about it for so long that they hoped that getting me one would shut me up. Or at least that's what they said.

So far any time I made grand plans to use it, the weather would not cooperate. But when it does, the adventure will begin.

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